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Rubbish Go Away

Your London junk collection and disposal contractor

Most residential and commercial properties tend to accumulate a decent amount of junk and rubbish in the course of day to day use and occupation. If left unattended the rubbish will eventually become a problem as it eats up valuable living and business space, needless to say it makes the place unsightly. Removal and disposal of junk and rubbish is best done by qualified professionals as most of the time this task requires a lot of time, effort and resources on behalf of owners or managers. On the same note, much of the rubbish accumulated by homes and businesses is considered hazardous waste and as such it cannot be left outside for curbside collection by local councils.

Rubbish-Removal-LondonProfessionalism of Rubbish Go Away

Being a professional waste management company with sufficient industry experience, we are quite aware of the above thus we have devised and implemented a range of versatile and efficient waste removal and disposal solutions designed to cover both private and business customer requirements.

We are fully licensed, qualified and insured to handle the quick removal and safe disposal of a wide variety of waste ranging from small bits and pieces of clutter to large amounts of construction rubble and all in between. All of our work is carried out in strict accordance to applicable health, safety and environmental regulations.

The cost efficiency of Rubbish Go Away services

Our rubbish removal in London is a cost efficient service designed to provide customers with the necessary value for money in all instances, regardless of how basic or elaborate the requirements. In order to keep things fair and square we quote each customer individually and provide them with the best possible price as per the scale and complexity of the job. For a more accurate price estimate, we will come out to the specified address for a viewing and onsite quotation. Viewings also help us structure the removal and disposal in a more efficient and practical way.

Junk-Clearance-TruckWhen it comes to quick and safe rubbish collection London businesses and households can be rest assured they are receiving the best service available right now. We have sufficient technical capacity in the form of specialised rubbish removal vehicles of various sizes and load capacity. The company will dispatch the required size and number of vehicles as to complete the job within the shortest time possible without any costly delays. Our fleet is made up of low emission waste removal vehicles.

Since we have speed, efficiency and safety as priority on all jobs, we work with specially trained and qualified waste management technicians who work in perfect coordination as to ensure quick and safe removal of all waste without risk of property damage or personal injury. Our waste removal teams are fully kitted with the required equipment and safety gear.

In our day to day work we come across all sorts of recyclable or salvageable waste. Since we consider ourselves to be an environmentally aware business, we try to do our little bit in keeping the environment green and healthy through our extensive recycle and reuse program which aims to reduce the amount of waste indiscriminately ending up in landfills. We have permits for using all waste processing depots and treatment facilities in the city where we deposit all recyclable waste for further processing. If required, we will provide customers with valid waste transfer notes outlining the type and amount of recyclable waste we have deposited. Items in decent working order are made available to charities from where they reach people in need.

Just some of our advantages compared to other rubbish disposal contractors:

  1. Flexible schedule of appointments
  2. Full liability insurance
  3. Proper licensing and depot partnerships
  4. Affordable custom pricing

London-O2-arenaWe at Rubbish Go Away Ltd understand that having to put up with a bunch of people roaming around the property with shovels and picks for hours on end on a busy day, is a real nuisance for both private and business property owners. Because of this we maintain week round availability and flexible booking hours during all days of the week, including Sundays and public holidays. In order to have the waste removal service completed with minimum disruption to day to day duties and commitments of our customers we can visit the address out of business hours, in early mornings, evenings or whenever customers find it most suitable.

Apart from our one off rubbish removal London customers seeking extra convenience can also turn to us for fixed schedule waste removal and disposal services on a customer specified time basis. We will visit the address as many times per week or month as required and ensure the place is cleared and always ready for use. Unlike other rubbish removal service providers, we are able and willing to collect waste from anywhere on the premises including hard to reach spots like attics, basements, storage rooms etc. In some cases however, we will require vehicle access to specific parts of the property in order to keep the service quick and efficient, for this we rely on assistance on behalf of our customers.